From High School to College/Military/Vocational School, our tours are the first steps towards your goal.

Step Higher have been conducting tours since 1999

In the winter of 1999, an idea was birth that was destined to make an impact on students nationwide. In Spring of 2000, Janelle Hocker & Jessica Perkins conducted their very first tour with just 4 students. Even though 4 high school students participated, the students that attended discovered and explored endless possibilities. The following year in 2001 Step Higher recruited students not only in Northern Kentucky, but in Ohio which that year a total of 40 high students had an opportunity to discovered a strong sense of belonging as they set foot on an HBCU. Step Higher became an Incorporated (a  501 (c) (3) nonprofit) to achieve our vision of  assisting foster and low-income youth to earn a four-year college degree. We know that by positively impacting a student’s access to a four-year degree, you improve that young person’s overall quality of life and our collective future.

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